Postpartum Doula Support

As a postpartum doula my hope is that I can support you and your babe in those tiring yet joy-filled early days of motherhood – the 4th trimester. As a trained mental health professional I can also offer additional support in prevention or early intervention of postpartum mood disorders. My care includes the following:

  • Mother Care – supporting mom in resting and having proper nutrition; emotional support to process the birth experience; transitioning into the role of parent,;and changes in the mind and body during this fragile time.
  • Baby Care – supporting with practical tasks like diapering; soothing techniques; baby wearing; sleep support; bathing; and some basic health education; helping with multiples.
  • Parent-Child Education – supporting with understanding normal body and mind transitions for mothers; normal sleeping and eating patterns for baby; attachment basics, developmental leaps and how to anticipate/manage the changes; providing resources and referrals as needed.
  • Feeding Education – supporting with child attachment to the breast and/or bottle preparation and paced feeding technique; resolving any challenges with feeding.
  • Sibling Care – helping engage toddlers and older siblings in the caring for mom and baby process; taking care of other children so mom can take care of herself and/or spend some alone time with baby.
  • Light Meal Preparation & Housekeeping – help make nutritious snacks and meals; tidying up baby/play area; dishes and surfaces; baby laundry.

*Daytime and overnight hours available. Please call to inquire about what package is right for you.